Monday, September 7, 2009

Funky Food: Dry Soda

Funky Food #2: Dry Soda

Should you try it? I would recommend this soda for crazy soda lovers or for people really into floral flavors.

Where can you find it?
Random vendors listed here and of course

$3.50...for a soda...

To put that in perspective, I resent paying more than that for breakfast let alone one carbonated drink.
But, how could I resist the lure of a slender and clear bottle marked simply in a minty green as "cucumber soda."

In high school, I spent a lot of time exchanging soda bottles with a friend of mine in an effort to find the best and weirdest varieties. As far as weird goes, Dry Soda's flavors probably take the cake. I tried Cucumber and later Juniper Berry, but there was also Lavender, Vanilla Bean, Lemongrass, Kumquat, and Rhubarb.

The actual flavor of the soda is unexpected to say the least. I'm a fan of dark droughts of root beer, syrupy sassafras, or a spicy bottle of ginger beer, but Dry Soda is light in its flavor, very, very delicate, and, I mentioned before, floral, but almost to a perfume-y level. Cucumber, unfortunately, reminded me a lot of the cucumber smell in Bath & Body Works lotions. It was one of those flavors that almost works before striking a chord in you mouth that just does not sit well. What were good were the sugar levels. There was definitely sugar present, but it was not the over-powering sweetness found in most sodas.

Juniper Berry was a real treat once I got into it. The flavor is like violet with a hint of heavy earthiness in the background and then this rich purple flavor (to add some synethesia) like the purple of Concord grapes.

I wanted to try more of the flavors but on a limited budget and having already spent over $7.00 on two bottles of soda, I turned towards cheaper and far less funky things.

However, if you have the cash and are wondering what to do with it or if you are simply gaga for new and exciting foods try out Dry Soda. You can order it here.

If you do get a chance to try any of the other flavors or even the two I mention, please, let me know how they are!

P.S. It is so obvious college has started because almost everyone has disappeared from the internet. Come back, college students, we miss you! =P

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  1. There was definitely sugar survival warehouse reviews present, but it was not the over-powering sweetness found in most sodas.