Monday, August 17, 2009

What to eat with your friendly, neighborhood, Fontina cheese.

I've heard a lot about Fontina cheese, but never actually had it. To put it simply, this made me sad. So, while I was in San Francisco, I stopped by an Italian shop and got some.

Wiki said "Fontina has a mild, somewhat nutty flavor, while rich, herbaceous and fruity," so I decided to try making a sandwich with red grapes and, later while peering through the fridge, a red onion.

It was pretty darn good. It was/is also fantastically simple.
You will need:
  • 2 pieces of bread sliced
  • enough red grapes to cover a piece of bread while still leaving holes for cheese to melt through - sliced in half
  • red onion slices enough to probably twice cover the bread, because onions shrink in heat and lose their kick to sweetness
  • thinly sliced Fontina, amount depends on the strength of your cheese. The first Fontina I had was very mild, so I piled it on. The second Fontina I got was really strong, as in one of those cheeses whose smell is still on your fingers after several washings and hours later.
Pile everything on as shown in the picture and grill your Fontina grilled cheese according to previous post, Grilled Cheese! With an Iron!.

After working with Fontina, I've decided it's not a bad cheese and is great for grilled cheese especially since it melts really easily.



  1. Omnom!

    Where can I find Fontina in the south? Hehe.

  2. As one of the original San Francisco taste testers for this sammie, I can attest to it's excellence! Nice instructional graphic, too.

  3. heehee is that a spider-man folder in the background...?

  4. OK so you're totally serious about the whole iron thing, for a while there I thought it was a joke or some kind of americanism for a grill or something ironic... but now I realise you're actually serious. Like actually making cheese toasties with an iron - fair play to you, I love cheese toasties!

    Here's my favourite toastie - not very foodie but whatever - cheddar and corned beef (as in UK corned beef - check out wikipedia, who knew there were so many corned beefs?) maybe with a splodge of ketchup on the side to dip in - yummy!

  5. @Moxie, omnom indeed. And try any Italian stores (if you have them)or maybe some delis.

    @AK, thank you very much for the testimony!

    @Sunaina, noooo, it's not a Spider-Man folder. It's the Ultimate Spider-Man comic #78: Dumped. (In its plastice sleeve and everything =P)

    @JadeLD, Hahaha I'm so glad that you're a fan. I will be sure to try your recipe as soon as I can.