Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grilled Cheese! With an Iron!

Whether one is a gourmet or ragtag taster, I cannot think of a reason why one would not like grilled cheese; Crunchy, buttery outside, lightly gold and shimmering, while the inside pools with melted cheese, perfectly salty. My friends can tell you that I LOVE grilled cheese and went through a phase/am going through a phase of trying a new recipe almost daily. It's a recent fascination, sparked when I discovered the GCI, or the infamous Grilled Cheese Invitational.

Anyway, based on recipes I've found from GCI champions (
Hot Knives? Coolest kids ever in the world of grilled cheese, not to mention food), the web, and general experimentation, I should have a pretty regular update of new grilled cheeses to try in your dorm. So, following, are the basic instructions.

Get two slices of bread and two slices of cheese, American is, of course, the classic option here.
  • Note on the bread: I used a Light variety by Pepperidge Farm, moral of the story? DON'T USE LIGHT BREAD! Seriously, it's too flimsy. If it happens to get stuck to the foil it will just fall apart. You may have noticed the gaping hole in the bread of my picture. It got stuck to the foil and proved to contain no structural integrity, regardless of how much extra fiber it claims to have.
Next, butter the outside face of each slice of bread. I had a picture showing this, but I trust you to understand. =)

Now, to cook a grilled cheese with an iron you need: an Iron, a piece of Aluminum Foil (large enough to wrap around your sandwich), a towel folded at least twice, and a text book (
Introduction to the Practice of Statistics ftw).

Wrap your sandwich in the foil and stack all items as shown. Your iron should be set to the highest level. Apply the iron on one side of the sandwich packet for about 30-40 seconds, then flip the packet and iron that side for 30-40 seconds.

Turn the iron off, open the foil, and Voila! Una belleza grilled cheese =).

Oh, right! Now, Onomnom.


  1. I wasn't going to buy an iron, but i need to now!

  2. hahaha, well, please, try it and let us know how it goes =)

  3. please keep this blog up, because I`m interested!

  4. this whole blog is SUCH a good idea!

  5. I want to try this now. AND I HAVE A STOVE AT MY HOUSE I CAN USE.

  6. My mom said she did something like this all in college...except riskier. Remove the textbook and towel! (aka tinfoil and...iron on wood??) You seem to have the safety down, unknown blogger/solver of beautiful problems!

  7. OMG...I hate that text me chills from stats 2010. too bad the iron did burn it right thru :P

    Love ur blog~!


  8. Ok. So. I finally have foil which means I could finally attempt Ironed grilled cheese [as opposed to microwaved]. I was really excited and figured it would work a lot better [especially given your lovely photographed nommage] but I was bitterly disappointed. It came out very un-crispy and even a bit soggy in some places. My hypothesis is that this is due to the iron's steam but at the highest setting, there's no way to turn the steam off except to empty the water. Can you offer any confirmation of said hypothesis?

  9. Hey Valerie,
    Sorry for the late reply, but I would try the iron at the highest setting which doesn't have steam. You're right in suspecting that moisture as the culprit.
    Hope this helps!

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