Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Instant Coffee Day!

Well, it is National Instant Coffee Day today; cool in its own right, but also a great reason to make iced coffee. Instant coffee is great for college (and high school) life because, hey, it's instant, but also relatively cheap.

Instant coffee gets a bad rap often because of its taste. But, instant coffee can taste really great as long as you keep fresh. This can be easily achieved by putting your coffee in the freezer. Actually even if you don't have instant coffee, I would advise putting it in the freezer.
Alright, so good instant coffee, here's how.

- 1 cup of boiling water
, which is about the volume of the average coffee cup. I get this from my electric kettle which is amazing. But you can also boil water in your microwave. This usually takes about 3-5 minutes. Take time out sometime to figure out how long it takes your microwave to boil water, as this knowledge will come in handy with a lot of microwave living.

- 1.5 tablespoons of instant coffee. I have always used Nescafe. I went to Europe, most people I met used it there. Decaf, regular, your call, both have good, consistent flavor.

- Mix your boiling water and instant coffee together, thoroughly, otherwise you get instant coffee flakes and those are VILE.

Now, you can add any number of things to coffee. Some people sugar, others milk, or cream. And of course others might like their coffee black.

*Note on the sugar: try adding a little bit of cinnamon instead of sugar to your coffee next time. Cinnamon will take on a really sweet note in coffee and add a completely new dynamic.

**Note on the cream: cream and coffee are not a winning combination without reason. Scientifically, bitter (coffee) and fat (cream) will almost always taste wonderful.

- Pour it all over ice. omnomnom? it really doesn't work here. Anyway, enjoy!

Oh, also, how cool is this! I would love to drink coffee like that.


  1. I love iced coffee! This is how I also make it, but I use liquid stevia (herb) for some sweetness when I want.


  2. way to tell us the Europeans use Nescafe, it sounds so sophisticated now :D also the cinnamon tip sounds good, will have to try it.

    i didn't realize instant coffee was SO easy to make with a microwave.