Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blues Chews

It's only been...not quite 2 years, right? Not terrible.

My excuse is that I've been traveling around the world a lot. That means that I'll be catching you all up with food available in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Germany and more. Right now though a quick intro to the bluesy world of Chicago and two Soul Food items I picked up at the Chicago Blues Festival.

So first a bit about Blues and Chicago. Blues is Chicago, Chicago is Blues. They go hand in hand as the blues poster and blues harmonica-playing-roommate sitting next to me attest. Chicago is where blues really was born in the swinging jazzy 20s when the Great Migration began from the south. The smooth, super sexy saxes and heart-yanking bass with the simple tskdadadsk of drums, poured over with gospel shouts of problems with my man, and you've got blues.

What to eat with your Blues you ask? Soul food, baby.

Started with some Mustard Fried Catfish from BJ's Market & Bakery. I lucked out with just outta the fryer hot, hot, hot catfish. It was AMAZING. That crust was that rough, crunchy, salty, and full of flavor all over sweet and just soft catfish. Smothered in hot sauce and honey-mustard.  My vote is for the honey-mustard. So, if you're in Chicago check BJ's Market out.

OK, next up from Reggies (not sure if this is the 
right website) the classic, the one, the only mac and cheese.  Alright, when I first got it, especially because I had just gotten that exceptional catfish for the same price, I was thinking this was not a good investment. It was watery, and only kinda warm, and I wasn't really sure what the red was. 

BUT, a few bites in I was sold. This is not your thick and totally melted to liquid cheese M&C. This was sweet cream with gooey still tangible cheese with, still not sure but I think, paprika on top. If I had it again, I might throw some hot sauce on top, but all in all very solid soul. 

I'll be updating some more, and before two years have passed again, to give you the tasty bits of my trips around the world. In the meantime, what have you been up to recently? Let me know in the comments. 

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