Sunday, June 13, 2010

Frozen Treats: Some Other Fruits Edition

Ah! have you ever been driving at a good clip above the speed limit and someone decides that what they want to do more than anything is to tail you??! Isn't it infuriating?!!? The answer is yes, yes it is. Well, past that rant, if that does happen to you ... you could probably really use some refreshing frozen treats (coming up with segues, just one of my many talents).

I know that frozen grapes are classic. Nearly everyone has made them, marveled at their gorgeous ice crystaled skin, and crunched through one before. However, most people eat them alone, when they could be enjoying them in a whole new way. You see that green that kind of looks like mint in the picture? Le
mon Balm. Just take a leaf of the lemon balm and eat it with a grape. Delicious. This discovery courtesy of my friend who got bored one summer in a kitchen near an herb garden.

If you have not made frozen grapes here are the directions:1) Wash red grapes
2) Pick off all the grapes
3) IMPORTANT: Dry the grapes
4) Put the grapes in the plastic bag and freeze till hard
It's complicated, I know.

In honor of those distant and delici
ous Pina Colada pops, I've started trying making new popsicles with fruit. My first attempt was Cantaloupe and Mint. You will need: a cantaloupe (or musk melon or tuscan of
those orange fragrant melons), several spring of mint, yogurt. Take 75% of your stock of melon and throw it in the blender with the mint and yogurt. You want a fairly thick consistency with a balanced melon and mint flavor, the yogurt should not be the prevailing taste.

Cut up the rest of the melon into cubes and stack them loosely in the popsicle containers. We didn't have popsicle molds, so we used juice glasses...which worked, but were HUGE. Also, if you don't have popsicle sticks, as seen in the frozen bananas, you can use plastic silverware. Pour the melon yogurt mixture in around the melon cubes and freeze. Om nom!!

Also, completely not made in the microwave, but it was the first time I'd ever made nachos and I am really excited.

I had very few of the required ingredients, so these were made with mozzarella, American, and Dubliner cheeses with pickled pepperoncini peppers. Somehow though these nachos fought through all of that and became delicious!

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