Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Intro to Chocolate Covered Pretzels

To accompany the chocolate mice for my assortment of winter sweets, I made chocolate covered pretzels. I've actually never really tried chocolate pretzels, but a lot of my friends LOVE them. So, here was my first true experience with chocolate covered pretzels.

Based on the name I assumed that you would need:
-Rod Pretzels

First, melt your chocolate. I use semi-sweet chips. Microwave the chips for 30 seconds on High, then stir them. Repeat two more times. Depending on how much chocolate you have, dip or spoon the chocolate on the pretzel, so that about an inch is left undipped. Take the spoon and skim off some of the chocolate on the pretzel. Place the pretzel on a buttered piece of foil or parchment paper. Repeat for as many pretzels as you'd like to make.

While the chocolate on the pretzels is still warm, add your toppings. This can be anything that might be good with chocolate: sprinkles, chopped nuts, other chocolates (I used white), coconut, toffee bits, a LIGHT dusting of cinnamon or equally light dusting of red chili powder (avoid Indian chili powder though, it will burn away any other flavors), etc. etc.
My friend has also suggested dipping the pretzels in white chocolate and then in Nerds. Have not tried this, sounds delicious, if anyone does this please let me know how it is.

So, having now tried chocolate dipped pretzels, I get the hype. These things are good. Omnom!


  1. those look rather amazing, i should do something with those and tea

  2. Thanks Josh and AK. by the way AK, have you heard of some of these chocolate teas?
    In philly there is this small chain called Naked Chocolate which serves chocolate tea. Haven't had any yet, but my friend says it's incredible.